2016.05.17 Theater version of “Yu-Gi-Oh ☆ ☆ king” long run thanks! Weekly attendance gift random distribution implementation decisions!


And we celebrate the long run of the theater version of “Yu ☆-Gi-Oh ☆ king THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS”, the visitors gift we have distributed in weekly from the public, we have you watch a movie on or after May 21 (Saturday) to target beneath our customers, I am allowed to present at random has been decided! [Period] May 21 (Saturday) ~※ May 21 (Saturday) or later, we handed out only to the theater with a screening. [Distribute content] “Yu ☆-Gi-Oh ☆ king OCG (Official Card Game)” card ① [first edition (April 23 to April 29, 2009)] “doom dragon gondola X” ② [2nd (April 30 day to May 6, 2009) “dark Knight Gaia Road” ③ [third edition (May 7 to May 13, 2008)] “lemon magician Girl” ④ [4th (May 14 to 5 month 20 days) “guardian officer Mahado” one of the ① ~ ④, let me do one handed per your appreciation of one person once.

※ only if there is each theater stock, it will be handed out.
※ by the theater of the stock situation, if all types are not aligned, because there is a case where all kinds of distribution has been completed, Please note. ■ Notes ■ ※ can not you choose the type at the time of receipt. Since I can not do also exchange after your passing, Please note. ※ rather than a week instead, it will be distributed to four weeks worth at random. ※ week minute, only if there is a stock, you do the distribution. ※ for multiple tickets, you will not be able to distribute a plurality of visitors present. ※ When the ticket purchase, please purchase the correct amount of the ticket. ※ With regard to the random distribution implementation theater, we will guide you by the rules as soon as the following HP.

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