DeckLab: Toon Yosenju’s | Welcome to the World of Toons!


Welcome back to this weeks DeckLab! Today, we’re featuring something that’ll throw your opponents completely off guard. Welcome, to the wonderful World of Toons! (with a mix of beasty samurais)

So to put it plainly, this deck is featuring Toon Yosenju’s. The core of the deck is centered around the Toon cards, with the supportive addition of the Yosenju toolbox to help make the deck more consistent and give you a multitude of options every turn. The problem with traditional Toon decks may be the over reliance of Toon Monsters, which isn’t all that great in the current fast paced meta. With the addition of the Yosenju’s however, you can access any Yosenju with Fire Formation – Tenki, and control the game with cards like Toon Kingdom, Toon Briefcase and Toon Mask.

A Toon Deck’s basic course of action is to take advantage of its opponents field. If you have Toon World / Toon Kingdom on the field, you can use cards like Toon Mask to bring out your Toon Monster’s a lot quicker and a lot easier. This doesn’t mean you should rely on Toon Mask to bring out Toon Monster’s with higher levels than 4 (it’s still too inconsistent). Its a great card to use overall, but it’s consistency is much more reliable when using other rank 4 monsters like Toon Gemeni Elves (so you could summon the card normally as well). I like to use 3 Toon Gemeni Elves and 3 Red-Eyes Toon Dragons. 

Since your opponent will quickly realize that you want to attack their life points directly, they’ll be sure to come up with a few counter measures. The easiest thing for them to do is to just attack and destroy your Toon Monsters. You can save your Toon Monsters with Toon Kingdom and your Toon Traps. In the event your opponent brings out a troublesome monster from the extra deck, you have access to cards like Santa Claws and Lava Golem. Santa Claws works very well in this deck because you can pretty much always special summon it on your opponents side of the field and use its second effect (draw a card during the end phase).

A cool combo you could do with Santa Claws, is special summon it to your opponents side of the field, and use Comic Hand to take control of it (assuming Toon World is on the field), destroying one of your opponents monsters and then leaving them with nothing (they’ll love that ;] ) Or, if you have Toon Mask set on the field, you can special summon Santa Claws, use Comic Hand and activate Toon Mask, letting you special summon a rank 6 or lower Toon Monster from your hand or deck, take control of Santa Claws and still have a normal summon left over. At this point, you have some options depending on what the field looks like.

Tip: Activating Toon Mask during your opponents turn is optimal so your Toon’s can attack in the next turn-

This deck is a work in progress, but you can see the current tested deck list below. The build will be updated over time to create a more reliable, complete and consistent build!


Monster Cards Magic Cards Trap Cards Extra Deck Side Deck
3x Toon Gemini Elves 3x Toon World 3x Toon Briefcase  3x Silent Honor Ark  3x Shadow Toon
3x Red-Eyes Toon Dragon 3x Toon Kingdom 3x Toon Mask  2x Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer  2x Lava Golem
2x Santa Claws 3x Toon Table of Contents 1x Yosenju’s Secret Move  2x Black Ship of Corn  2x Twin Twister
3x Yosenju Kama 1 3x Fire Formation – Tenki  2x Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon  2x Mystical Space Tuphoon
3x Yosenju Kama 2 3x Comic Hand
3x Yosenju Kama 3



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