Konami USA Releases Link Summoning Tutorial For TCG

Konami USA Releases Link Summoning Tutorial For TCG



Despite the spokesperson explaining how Link monsters provide an “extra layer of strategy” to the game by limiting the standard number of extra deck monsters that can be summoned (initially), and “making monster placement” matter, we at TheDuelistKingdom respectfully argue that these “additions” are fundamentally counter-intuitive to the foundation of the game, upon which the core rules were built upon. In our opinion, we feel that the most important strategic aspects of the game are centered around monster choices, the way in which you respond to your opponent, the order in which you summon certain cards and the ability to bounce back from impressive plays. This of course includes how powerful certain archetypes are in the competitive meta, but again, these top decks are mostly the result of choices made behind the curtains at Konami.

These new changes drastically alter the game in ways many feel are unnecessary. After reading all of the fine print regarding these new rule changes, veteran players like us almost feel betrayed and alienated. Personally, I don’t like the direction in which the game is heading. In a perfect world, if Link Monsters acted on their own and didn’t affect the basic rules of the game (limiting special summoning from the extra deck), than I would be more privy to accepting them as a “strategic addition”.

Now that Konami regards monster placement and standard monster zones as a strategic element in which the game must now be played, what are we to expect next? Link spell and traps? :/  – (Pendulum Link Monsters incoming)

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