Theater version of “Yu-Gi-Oh ☆ ☆ king” standing ovation! Screening re-screening and additional screening decision! (7/12 postscript)


We carried out the other day, It’s theater version of “Yu-Gi-Oh ☆ ☆ king THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS” voice OK! Cosplay OK! Psyllium bringing in OK! Ovation of! It is screening, but we respond to the voice of the very popular from everyone, re-screening and additional screening is decided! [Implementation theater] ● 7 May 15 (Friday)Shinjuku Wald 9 ( Http://Wald9.Com/index.Html )

※ With regard to the implementation theater, also there is a possibility to be added later.
※ The details regarding the implementation schedule and ticket sales will vary by each theater. For more details, please check the theater website. ■ Notes ■ · voice soup Allowed, bringing of psyllium Allowed will be the screening times of cosplay allowed. It will be quietly unsuitable for screening is for customers who want to be your watch a movie because, Please note. – It becomes a cosplay possible of screening times. However, wear your clothes, such as blocking the field of view of around please refrain. · There is no offer of change of clothes space in the theater. Please refrain from changing clothes in the theater. · Psyllium, bringing in and use of the pen light is possible. · Unauthorized shooting in screening, recording, please refrain. And use of musical instruments, such as bringing in cracker-whistle of firearms, acts that would inconvenience the people around you, such as hitting a fly-bouncing-violent and goods is strictly prohibited. If you have done too excessive it may become the screening abort. And content, etc., Please note that there is a case to be changed. · There is a possibility that the mass media to enter is by venue. Please note.

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