WCQ 2016 Berlin: Finals PENDULUMS WIN


Yu-Gi-Oh! 2016 WCQ: European Championship Berlin, held on July 16/17, 2016.

Final: Carmelo Buttiglieri (Phantom Knights Burning Abyss) vs. Samir Bacher (Majespecter Pendulum)


In a heated battle between two of the best competitive decks seen in the meta, Samir Bacher’s Majespecter Pendulums take the final victory, thanks to the heart of the cards. 

WCQ Berlin Finals


The final game looked grim for Samir turn one with Anti-Spell Fragrance in Carmelo’s hand, but as soon as Samir drew, he was immediately able to counter Anti-Spell Fragrance activation with Mystical Space Typhoon and take the game!



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